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Anon Asked: Samantha Hill or Samantha Barks

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D’un seul regard

Tu as mis le feu à ma vie…

 - from “La Volupté”, Notre-Dame de Paris (x

I finally made a Phantom/NDdP crossover.

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Visual Development from Beauty and the Beast by Mel Shaw

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Sigur Rós cover The Rains of Castamere for Season 4 of HBO’s Game Of Thrones

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
that Lord of Castamere,
But now the rains weep o’er his hall,
with no one there to hear.
Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,
and not a soul to hear.
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Once upon a time when the woods were young, they were home to creatures who were full of magic and wonder. They protected one another and slept in the shade of a colossal fig tree, that grew on a hill near the mill. But now, the tree is dying.

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Concept sketch for the Ballroom of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. (x)

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Phantom of the Opera US Tour.

I’m trying not to laugh. I’ve told you that Cooper Grodin was jumping like monkey and pointing his middle finger at Christine? I thought to make a gif set to demonstrate that. Now look :D

this is super gross, oh my goodness??!

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You just know that Eowyn can’t have been the only woman disguised on the field of battle.

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"what are the best phantom blogs to follow?"
↳ asked by Anonymous


Okay, I’ve been meaning to make a Phantom of the Opera blog follow forever for a while now, so I guess this will be it! :)

Here is a list of Phantom blogs that I highly recommend, organized by category. All blog names are listed in alphabetical order.

I have listed blog names only once, though some blogs belong in more than one category, which I have indicated in parentheses.

If I follow you and your name doesn’t appear here, it probably just means that I haven’t seen you on my dash when I’ve checked recently, because I have a terrrrrible time remembering names.

For awesome people in the Phandom that you need to be following:

absynthe—minded, angedelmusique, annabellioncourt, bematthe, bigpurplebasket, bluecoolkind, butdreamsoflove, chinatown84, crummyknee, cursemercy, darthxerik, dirtyrainboots, dying-suffering-french-stalkers, equestrphan, exactacrafts, far-too-many-notes-for-my-taste, fdelo, gothicmanatee, helplesslonging, hetspook, hisangelofmusic, itsnotjustforgaysanymore, kattrynna, letthesongtakeflight, letyoursoul, littlegustaveandfamily, little-lotthe, madamecuratrix, marcsliebisch, matheusmarchetti, mecha-dom, meggiry, mendedpixie, michaelcrawfish, needleinapileofneedles, october-skyfall, opera-gangster, operafish, panarophile, persephoneshadow, phangirllnd, phansince1995, phantines, phantoms-angel, punjabchild, queenabeck, rachelbarrells, rewindedmiracles, sirfaggot, sopranomonroe, soulsoaringphan, swirlofgown, thefleetstreetvicomte, theoperagohst, thescorpionorthegrasshopper, wibblywobleytimeywimeystuff

For folks with amazing Leroux knowledge:

despiteyourdestination, phantasticallybeastlyreviews, redeaths, rjdaae (also phanart, edits, and phunnies), spindleshanking (also phanart)

For information about Phantom on Broadway:

misspaula74, phantomloveneverdies, thesecretyouknow (also PotO videos), turnofthescorpion (also PotO videos), wanderingchild, wehadsuchhopes

For information about the Brilliant Original in the West End:

lilygarlands, stilldriftingoffalone

For information about replica and non-replica PotO productions:

cinema-phantom, mlleempsychora, oopperan-kummitus, roadtophantom

For information about the Phandom prior to the 2000s:

amyable-nature, inkedalchemy, oldschoolphantoms, riaglitta (also a singer/performer)

For audio/video gifts and knowledge about past Phantom performances:

glassprism, ilikeunderstudiesandethanfreeman

For information about Phantom costumes, and about costuming in general:

kaedralynn, operafantomet (also general Phantom knowledge), shipwreckdsiren, viscountess, zoeysphantomblog

For phanart:

alvadee (also phunnies), apfelstrudelz, bloomingbanana, cocokat, elf-in-mirror (also phunnies), hopsjollyhigh, ididwhaticould, miss-annie-kay, muirin007 (also phunnies), ninjagiry, opera-comic, phantoonsoftheopera, rumpelstiltskinned, silverfoxstole, spinningreds

For graphics/edits:

annaohbyrne, butdreamsoflove, garymauers, electricportcullis, ifyouhappentoremember, guppyism, historicalty, i-remember-there-was-mist, notgoodnotnicejustright, ohmadchristine, phantomofthesalle, sorelli, swedishcosette, thatshapeintheshadows, themirrorbride, thesirentrick, xxsparksxx

For performers/singers/musicians:

lifeafterthemasquerade, littlelottie, phananigans, schwarzerprinz, whereisyourredscaaahf, xxlaurenxstarxx

For phunnies:

dorkshadows (also phanart and general Phantom knowledge), phantamxrose (also graphics/edits), phunnies

For unique and creative Phantomy blogs:

andrewlloydawkward, asklefantome, christinecruises, incorrectphantomquotes, lerouxradio, littleerikontour, potobookclub, potoconfessions

For information about the Lon Chaney movie:

rookheeya, shouldibringmybaseballbat

Okay, there are lots of other awesome blogs out there, and lots of other categories, but this gives you a good place to start!

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It’s late and I sketch stupid stuff. image

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It’s over now.

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